Few Tips for your Persian wedding , don’t be trapped by the low price.

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there must be a reason why cheap is cheap,

Few Tips for your big day


It’s an unfortunate fact that both of the wedding photography and wedding videography are fields with extreme numbers of are amateurs, hobbyists and even experienced people whom been doing things wrong for years. Finding a real ‘pro’ is not an easy task. You will have to contribute time and effort, which it will pay off tremendously!

I’ve being in the industry of Wedding Photography, film making and studying film for over 18 years. Today I would like to share some of my experience with you to help you choose the best possible wedding videographer for one of the most important days of your life.

I’ve seen many married couples who regret the fact that they haven’t given enough attention when choosing their videographer.

 “Of course these are the consequences of not dedicating enough time to research, having a limited budget, lack of knowledge, all these things can help unsavoury videographer/photographer take advantage of you.

My Most important advice is, before you pick up that phone and contact any videographer or Videography Company you need to have a list of your expectations and approximate budget.

“in order to purchase clothe first we have to set amount of budget to make sure the style and the quality we were aiming to get is what we had in mind.”

When you research it’s best to contribute more time to achieve what you were aiming for.  Get online, watch as many as showreels you can and make your final decision. You can gauge a particular videographer’s style by first checking out his/her website, where you may be able to view samples of work. If the videographer doesn’t have a web site, or it’s been poorly designed, take it as a sign that he/she is not technologically up-to-date. And if that’s the case, keep on looking!

 Commonly wedding films are shot in one of the few styles; cinematic and documentary. Cinematic is more posed and edited for dramatic effect and mood whilst documentary is a fly-on-the- wall style, simply capturing the day as it unfolds. While some professionals will stick to just one style others will use a combination of the two. (However these two styles have deep roots and each one has to be discussed as individual)

A videographer’s website will usually have testimonials from happy clients, but if it doesn’t, feel free to ask for references. They should be happy to give you few clients you can contact in order to get some personal feedback. If you know any newlyweds, ask who their videographer was how the overall experience was and if they’d recommend that person for your wedding.

When you speak with the videographer always ask what equipment they will be using on the day and if/how it will interfere with the wedding. Most professionals use small unobtrusive, high-tech digital cameras that are lightweight, mobile and don’t require extra lighting, this means minimal disruptions to the proceedings. You might also want to enquire– while one is not generally enough to capture all the action, more than three might look like a Hollywood film set. (the quantity of cameras on your wedding depends on your budget and capability of the D.O.V )

Can videographer boss you around?

After all, you choose a wedding Videographer once in your life (hopefully). So what happens when you hire a wedding Videographer who cannot shoot like an event Videographer? One who thinks he must be in charge of everything? These guys want to be director of the event.

You’re will not be left alone to enjoy your wedding day by these people. There will be no casual footage of you, your groom, friends and family while you’re all having a great time. Partly because the footage are being staged and the Videographers will make it unnatural and difficult for people to have a great time. (They’ve never heard of cutting age wedding films).

Be realistic with prices

A wedding videographer will document your special, one-in-a-lifetime wedding day and therefore you should be careful when you’re going ahead to hire a cheap Videographer. The chances that your weddings DVD turn out badly are much higher when you decide to save some money. You might also not have many of the protections such as formal contract, insurance, backup plan, style and etc …, if you go with an old school way videographers, there are possibilities of remedies when you come across problems.  Therefore you should find a company that fits your budget, but you shouldn’t choose the cheapest one and increase the risk of ruining the film of your big day.

There are cheap videographers in the industry that actually are not cheap at all. You will only find out that their work is poor after the wedding, which makes you disappointed.  There is an old saying by “John Ruskin” which put it into perspective “It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay
too little, you sometimes lose everything”.

Author & Gathered

By Hamid Saboury (nama studio)



A Perfect Union – Olli and Michelle’s English+Iranian Wedding photographer London

English+Iranian Wedding Filming and Photography London

In the cinema, weddings often come at the end of a love story.  In real life, however, a wedding is the start of a fresh chapter in a life-long love story.  It’s a day that will last in the memories of those present and thanks to modern technology it can be relived and shared with generations yet to come.


Even though quality photography and video equipment is now widely available to enthusiastic amateurs, it takes the understanding and experience of a top UK Persian photographer to capture photographs where the “wow” factor will shine out of albums.  Likewise only a professional Iranian cinematographer will have the technical expertise and cultural appreciation to create a truly memorable wedding video.

This is why Olli and Michelle chose Nama studio both for their Iranian wedding photography in London and for their wedding video.  A stylish Persian videographer in London, Nama studios has gained years of

experience in photographing and filming Iranian weddings without ever losing their initial passion.  They take their promises to their clients as seriously as their clients take their vows and combine attention to detail with emotional sensitivity to capture feelings as well as features.

A perfect example of this was Nama studios being in place to capture the moment when Olli delivered the bouquet to the radiant Michelle as Persian tradition required.  Only perfect images could do justice to the love which showed in their eyes and simply went far beyond words.  The couple had chosen to have a traditional Iranian wedding before a church wedding and Nama studios used outstanding teamwork to make sure that the key elements of their day were captured in full.  In this way they were not only able to capture Olli’s happiness and Michelle’s sweet smile as they made their entrance to their wedding ceremony, but also record the guests’ emotional reaction – the smiles and the happy tears.

While the ceremony is, of course, the focus of any day, afterwards it is time for fun and celebration.  Nama studios persuaded Olli and Michelle to take a little time out by the river for some portraits and video footage.  This session can be as traditional or as contemporary as the couple want.  Many young couples opt for a mixture of both kinds of photographs and video.

With the portraits ready, Olli, Michelle and Nama Studio’s team all made their way to the party.  The mother of the bride had outdone herself with the preparation of the Aghd Room and Nama studios made sure that her hard work was fully recognized in some glorious photographs and video footage.

The party then made their way to the Piano restaurant “fine Persian restaurant in London”.  As soon as the newly-weds entered, a Persian singer began to serenade them and the dancing began.  Olli demonstrated an impressive talent for Iranian dancing; presumably he’d had some lessons from Michelle.

Although this was, in many ways, a traditional Iranian wedding, the English guests were well looked-after and as well as being able to try Iranian food, they were also eager to join in the dancing.  Nama studios made sure that all the highlights of this wonderful day were captured in photographs and video before leaving the couple and their guests to enjoy the rest of the party.